A Unique Opportunity

Subirbabu is a saree-shop owner at MG Road. In fact, his shop is 70 years old. Over the years, his shop has amassed quite a large clientele.

However, his business is stagnant in the recent times. Profits are on a slow decline for some time. Some of the old clientele do not come as frequently as they used to.

He is a worried man these days.

But Subirbabu is not the one who would take things lying down. So, he decided that he must do something about it.

Instinctively, Subirbabu knew the reason why his business is not flourishing. And when an opportunity came his way, he just grabbed it.
He is sure that his business would flourish again. His customers will come back with high expectation and leave his shop with happy smiles on their faces.

Shopping has changed from just buying goods to a unique experience of fun time out, hanging out with coffee and food. Traditional shops can hardly offer this experience.

Subirbabu is aware of how the customers’ expectations have changed. Younger shoppers demand a total shopping experience.

Shreemani Haat is creating a shopping centre right on MG Road to offer such shopping experience.

Clean environment, air-conditioned comfort, no worries about car parking or washrooms. Modern thoughtful lighting. A tinge of perfume floating in the air.

In the entire North-Central Kolkata, such shopping experience is almost non-existent. Subirbabu decided to shift his shop at Shreemani Haat. He was certain it will transform his business. Add style to it. Add respect to it.

When he shared the news with all his customers, everybody congratulated him. All of them said that they are looking forward to a far better shopping experience in the future.

You can also do the same. Contact us now so that we can help you to transform your business like Subirbabu. We will show you how you can also plan to grow your profit. We will show you how you can also plan to enhance the experience of doing business in a better way.

You can buy shop space based on your requirement: 50 sq. ft. to 15,000 sq. ft. are available. Shop price starts from a modest Rs 15 lakh.

For enquiry, please contact 8102 235 235.

Location Map


Centrally Air-conditioned

Escalator on each Floor

Pay & Park Facility

Unitwise Toilet


Space for Kiosk

24x7 Power back-up

Fire Protection System

Goods Lift

Centrally Air-conditioned Lobby

The Five Cs


Convenience of having the needs of your business met from start to end with a design facilitating wholesale, retail shops, guesthouse, office units, storage units and many more under a single roof. The massive and systematic parking space makes it more convenient for every visitor who drops by.


The contemporary architecture and design turns it into a center of attraction for the upcoming generation. A one stop shop for all the shopping fanatics.


All the creature comforts that your customers might be seeking for are finally placed at disposal.


Not only does one get all the convenience and comfort but we also proffer you with the advent of customizing your shop as per your specific needs.


Perspicaciously sited in close proximity with Sealdah and Howrah stations, Shreemani Haat is a hot stop of shopping for everyone from near and far. Be it wholesalers or retailers coming from great lengths or nearby it's a place in everyone's reach.

Site Plan

Floor Plan



FOUNDATION & SUPERSTRUCTURE RCC foundation resting on cast-in-situ reinforced concrete bored piles confirming to the relevant code
ULTIMATE ROOF Reinforced concrete slab with appropriate waterproofing
  • Lift lobby and Shoppers' Walkway will be layed with Homogeneous tile/vitrified and matching skirting with or without inlay works at designated areas.
  • Staircases including landings will be finished in polished Kota stone.
  • All Other common areas will be finished with Screed concrete.
Bare RCC surface
  • External wall will be of Common Clay/Fly Ash/ and / or reinforced concrete.
  • Ground floor Entrance Lobby will be finished with Cement & Sand Plaster with neat POP punning / texture paint and cladding at designated areas.
  • Car parking areas wall will be finished with Cement & Sand Plaster in Cement Paint.
  • Corridors, Staircases, Landing and other common areas finished with Cement Sand Plaster and neat POP punning on it having two coats of Plastic Emulsion Paint.
Bare Brick work RCC surface
  • Lift Lobby / Walkway will be covered with Standard POP / Gypsum Board False Ceiling.
  • Car parking areas will be finished with Cement Sand Plaster and Cement Paint.
  • Staircases, M&E service rooms / Shaft & Utilities- Cement and Sand Plaster with neat POP punning with two coats of Plastic Emulsion Paint.
Bare RCC surface
DOORS Staircases will be provided with fire control doors.
  • Store front Shutter will be in confirmity with the store front criteria.
  • Internal Toilets door wooden frame will be installed by the Allottee / Purchaser.
TOILETS Will have Ceramic/vitrified tiles on the Floor and wall, Ceiling will be covered with POP/Gypsum False celing. White Porcelain ware with CP fittings. All the Tiles, fittings and fixtures in the toilet shall be done/ installed by the Allottee / Purchaser. The promoter shall be liable for providing emitting and discharge points of water and drainage.
ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS Concealed Electrical wiring with fittings and fixture for lighting the staircases and landings, Shopprs Walkway, Car Parking, Drive Way, Lift, Escalator, etc through separate electrical meter/s for the same. Efforts will be made to get installed individual meter from CESC Ltd. In the event of energy provider deciding to make a single point of supply, the shop/Retail space will be connected with adequately sized three phase cable connected through a prepaid meter.
AIR CONDITIONING Fully Airconditioned The shop/retail unit will be connected for adequate chilled water supply through BTU meter. The Fancoil / indoor unit along with necessarary Low side arrangements in the shop/retail space will be in the scope of the Allottee / Purchaser.
POWER BACK UP 24 x 7 Power The Development is equipped with 100% power back up. Hence the shop/retail space will be supported with 100% power back up during loadshedding. The automatic change-over will be supported with dual billing to appropriately capture the back up cost to be paid by the Allottee / Purchaser.
WATER PROOFING All wet areas to be water proofed Within the shop/retails unit in the scope of the Allottee / Purchaser.
FAÇADE Combination of Textured Cement paint with highlighting elements as per Architect's design and the glazing done in Curtain wall /structural glazing/spandrel panel fabricated in Standard Aluminium sections (powder coated/anodised) with float glass glazing done in appropriate thickness.
  • Plumbing system-Gravity flow system for water distribution installed in CPVC pipe(s) of appropriate gauge / thickness.
  • External sewer lines are of UPVC pipes/SWG/HDPE pipes for underground application.
  • Two Tonned capacited 3 (three) Nos. Passenger/Goods lift(s).
  • A bank of up and down escalator connecting the ground floor to the top floor.
LIGHTNING PROTECTION As per IS/IEC 62305 part 1-4 as recommended by NBC 16.External down conductors from the bonded conductors of Air Terminals on the roof to be interconnected to the earth pit at ground level. Spacing of the down conductor will be calculated as per the protection class as stated by NBC / IEC 62305.
EARTHING As per the guide line of IS 3043 & IEEE 142-2007. Equipotential earth grid with multiple earth electrodes in parallel to get an earth grid of resistance value nearly 1 . Earth bus bars in different convenient locations being inter connected to the above low resistance earth grid will help to take protective earth conductor to the individual shops/Retail space at the cost of the Allottee/ Purchaser.
FIRE SUPPRESION & DETECTION The building will be equipped with Fire protection system as per NBC/ Local fire authority norms.
  • Electronic survillance at Entry / Exit.
  • Entry exit monitored by Boom barrier and car parking management system.
  • 24 x 7 vigilance facility with CCTV cameras with data back up of 90 days.